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    Interview with Dmitri Yusov, the founder of Cultural Diplomacy project

Cultural exchanges and events

Assistance in cultural exchange, any cultural events, building long-standing relationships.

Arts and culture travel

Trips to cities and countries. We learn a lot in a great company.

Sponsorship and charity

We help to search for a sponsor for any cultural event.

E-Gallery of artists

You can look through our collection of paintings and drawings and maybe purchase something you like.

We are different, loving to create and to do projects. We do believe that the world is getting closer through culture. You can give any task to us

Project portfolio we would be happy to help you

About us

We strive to unite people, communities, countries through culture. And what is culture? Culture for us is how we think, express ourselves and interact.


Moscow, Myasnitskaya 24/7, b.3
+7(495) 410 28 21